I worked with Kevin for over 15 months, as his supervisor at Northwestel Inc., in Whitehorse, while he was acting as the Manager, Environmental Stewardship. He assumed the responsibilities with confidence, skill, and a determined approach to make a positive difference. Using his experience, Kevin undertook efforts to enhance program efficiencies, reduce costs and provide innovative solutions to our waste management strategies. Kevin continued to develop very positive relationships with staff and external agencies throughout our pan-Northern Canada operating area and quickly became an advocate for Northwestel’s environmental program. He demonstrated his stewardship of our commitments by writing an article about our recycling programs and subsequently gave a presentation at a major zero-waste and recycling conference. Kevin was also successful in creating a sixteen-week internship position for a Master’s Degree student, which he then supervised and led through the development of a project to increase our use of renewable energy. His background and experience in environmental activities, critical thinking, analysis, organization and coordination has served us well. I would not hesitate to re-hire Kevin if the opportunity presented itself again.”

Kevin Wallinger
Manager, Corporate Security and Resiliency
Northwestel Inc.


I’ve known Kevin for about 9 years. When he was with the federal government, he helped me obtain my First Nation Apprenticeship as a Circuit Rider Trainer (CRT), through the Yukon`s Circuit Rider Trainer Program. Thanks to Kevin, I’m now a certified CRT, supporting Yukon and Northern BC First Nation water and wastewater operators. In my opinion, Kevin has helped a lot of First Nations communities by ensuring they have the proper infrastructure and required certified operators, to provide safe drinking water and wastewater treatment. In my experience, working with Kevin, he has great passion for ensuring that people of the world are able to have access to potable water and sanitation. He has traveled abroad, to other countries, where he helped people in building capacity for safe drinking water and sanitation. I have come to realize that Kevin is a good-hearted man and wants to help people. It`s not about making money for him; it's about making sure people have dignity and abilities to sustain their life.

Franklin Patterson, CRT
Northern Utility Maintenance
Whitehorse, Yukon


Kevin is passionate about water security for communities, both locally and globally. I know Kevin from our work together in India with Rotary. Thanks to Kevin’s investigations and collaboration with Rotary partners in India, 26 villages in Eastern India obtained boreholes and safe drinking water, for many hundreds of villagers. Included was community training for basic well repair, compostable demonstration toilets and hygiene training. He demonstrated rigour, integrity, passion, vision and patience throughout this multi-faceted project from initial project inception, securing financing for construction and implementation. Over the past 15 years, Kevin has continually applied and further developed a unique toolbox of skills pertinent for water management. Congratulations Kevin, in your return to the North, to work citizens and northern communities on long-term sustainable water initiatives.

Lois Craig, M.Sc.
Consultant and Rotarian
Whitehorse, Yukon


For over 5 years Kevin Rumsey managed my contract with the Government of Canada (INAC), providing important support for the operation and maintenance of First Nation’s water and wastewater systems. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kevin and found him to be personable, yet professional, always efficient, supportive, and flexible. Kevin consistently found creative new ways to help build water operator capacity and community awareness for clean water.

Ray Osborne, MMP, PO
Senior Circuit Rider Trainer
Yukon Region


Kevin is a trusted friend and colleague. I admire his ability to work hard and get things done. I’ve known him for 30 years; he has always had a strong humanitarian ambition. His work in troubled regions with desperate populations is a real inspiration to me.

Patrick Paslawski
Environmental Protection Analyst
Yukon Government


Kevin was my supervisor when we worked together in Northern Lebanon, helping to provide water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to Syrian refugees. He was a great boss, always cheerful, trustworthy and hard-working, who cared for the WASH team. Kevin believed in my passion to be a professional humanitarian worker. He inspired and encouraged me to become the successful woman that I am today, and has become a friend.

Ghoufran Naboulsi
Hygiene Promotion Officer
Norwegian Refugee Council Office
Tripoli, Lebanon


I first met Kevin in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was the NATO / ISAF environmental officer for the multi-national airport base. By fluke, we would both end up living in Victoria, BC after our missions. Kevin's passion for humanity and water never ceases to amaze me. I don't know how he does it, especially in all the countries that he has traveled to. I have followed his work and learned of how he leveraged his education and experience to provide water and toilets to people, and sustainability solutions to NGO's. I am really proud to continue to work with him and his agency at the same time as I grow my own global network.

Elder Pineda
Effective Communications Consultant
Ex-Military Canadian Army
Victoria, BC


I first met Kevin a couple of years ago in Victoria, as he was first launching Sustaineo Blue. He engaged me to be his Executive Coach, to help him work on his business goals. Through that time and since, I have found Kevin to be passionate about safe water for communities at risk. With his past and present experiences in Canada and abroad, his educational studies, and his common-sense approach to sustainability, I believe that Kevin is able to work collaboratively with anybody, to get things done and bring value. I admire his vision of “...sustainable access to safe water, sanitation services and surrounding ecological stability.

Paul Abra
Certified Executive Coach
Ex-Military Canadian Army
Victoria, BC


I worked with Kevin in Akkar, North Lebanon. He was my supervisor, as the WASH Coordinator for PU-AMI. He also took over the WASH Project Manager role for Akkar. It was a difficult mission. We spent much time together and I learned a lot from him about management skills and how to be a good team manager with good relationships with each other. He gave me many opportunities to learn and take training. We were very productive and happy with Kevin. He is a very nice person and the team liked him very much. Thank you Kevin for everything.

Wissam Abed el Alaziz, Project Engineer
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Concern Worldwide, Northern Lebanon


Letter of Reference (2012) from US Army Colonel Thomas Gilster
NATO/ISAF Base Commander, Kabul, Afghanistan