Sustaineo Blue is officially recognized as a bronze sponsor of the 2020 Arctic Winter Games. I am thrilled to be providing sustainability management support, across all activities, to the Game's Host Society. The Games begin in Whitehorse March 15th, 2020, with perhaps some 2000 athletes participating from nine circumpolar regions. A small army of volunteers will be required.

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What is sustainability ?

It can be helpful to think of “sustainability” as a wide-angle lens which helps you see beyond a normal field of view or lens. Such a view also allows for consideration of potential threats, opportunities and to link relationships previously unseen. Working towards sustainability challenges us to make decisions that can improve the economy, the community while reducing our environmental impacts.

Demonstrated benefits (high potential) for an organization using a sustainability approach.

  • Reduced energy inputs

  • Reduced costs expenditures

  • Differentiated from other business /organization

  • Improved image and reputation

  • Reduced legal risks

  • Provides a more creative and innovative social and working space

  • Improved attraction and retainment of staff

  • Leadership


The accepted definition of sustainability comes from the widely recognized 1989 Brundtland Report - “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  More broadly, sustainability is a way of thinking and acting (an approach) with a deliberate intention on striving for an acceptable balance between minimizing the environmental impacts, incorporate social good with lasting economic benefits and legacies.