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My academic research interests were focused on the root causes and capacity-building regarding the aboriginal water security crisis in Canada

  • McGill University and Transport Canada (2017)
    Planning for long-term hydro-geological impacts and threats to the Dempster Highway, Yukon, from a changing climate

  • McGill University (2017)
    The Capacity of a Northern First Nations to Practice Integrated Water Resource Management 
    Field Research towards fulfillment of Master of Science

    This research involved working with a Yukon Self-governing First Nation and a Non-Self Governing First Nation, in Northern BC. My intention is to collect qualitative info, via interview questions with selected participants, and collect secondary data about existing water/land governance structures. The previous established interview questions were developed around the 6 key indicators of capacity for IWRM, namely: 1) actor network linkages, 2) information management, 3) human resources, 4) infrastructure & technical, 5) financial and 6) institutional indicators. Using an analytical framework to evaluate the responses, combined with an evaluation of the secondary data, a summary metric can then be developed and used to assess capacity. I am also interested in how Indigenous laws might influence water governance and capacity. The benefit for the Nations will be the development of an independent, comprehensive, measurable and documented assessment of their capacity to practice IWRM. Once there is a baseline measure of capacity, with identified strengths and challenges, the Nation could be in a more advantageous position to make strategic decisions about investments into building capacity, specific training linkages and identifying policy gaps.

  • Royal Roads University (2006) 
    The Difficulties of Rebuilding the Water and Sanitation Sector in Post-Tsunami, Aceh, Indonesia
    Professional Field Report, towards fulfillment of Master of Arts

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