Kevin D. Rumsey, M.A., M.Sc


Proven intrepid leader   Strategic thinker   Agent of change   Collaborator



I can get the job done. I possess a suite of multi-disciplinary skills, derived from unique work experiences, education and international missions. I have over twenty years of experience in northern Canada, with the Government of Canada, Indigenous Affairs, working in various environmental and water regulatory roles, as well as, managing and supporting an indigenous safe water program. I also have years of international and local environmental management and stewardship experience.

I am academically trained in human conflict (MA) and water (MSc) security.  Further, I have professional development training in climate-change decision-making, sustainability, and drinking water safety planning. 

My Expertise

My expertise is primarily environmental stewardship and water governance (B.Sc., M.Sc), in addition to significant international humanitarian (M.A.) aid experience, in seven countries of conflict, with various international agencies. I am now consulting as Sustaineo Blue, with past and present contracts, such as collecting traditional indigenous knowledge; environmental management, proposal writing; development of water training content and delivery; developing sustainability management plans for 2020 Arctic Winter Games Host Society.